Holiday Special: Christmas Queen

Ho ho ho! And jingle jingle!

Christmas Queen

We take a brief interlude from our usual shenanigans for a holiday announcement from her Majesty:

Her Majesty hereby decrees feasting and festivity for all, with unbridled frolicking and unlimited pie, countless cookies, and cakes in abundance! Let cocoa be quaffed and capers be cut! May adventures be concluded and commenced, and may everyone stay up way past bedtime!

(Regular page should be up later tonight. If family doesn’t get too much in the way. Otherwise, tomorrow.)

Golden Queen

Because you can never have too much gold filigree

Special: Golden Queen

In Honor of Passing the Fifty Page Mark

BEHOLD. Her Majesty in Solid Gold! WHY, you may ask? Because I wanted to do a special splash page to mark the fifty page point… And what better way to do so than with a solid gold statue of the Queen! Complete with tourists. And Seagulls. (All right, this is a trifle past the actual fifty page mark, there were delays. But it’s all for the best, because now I can post this at a convenient break point between scenes.)

And yes, there will be a regular page too, fear not! Er, but on Friday instead of Thursday (obviously…) So, a little later today. After my nap.

An Ornamental Adventure

Hang in There!

Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the realm,
Not a creature was stirring, except for the Queen,
And an intruder, as yet unseen,
Holding on for dear life and holding on tight,
While a voice from above, chipper and bright,
Cried “Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!
By order of Her Majesty. Have we got any more of that splendid pie?”

All right, ’tis actually the night after Christmas… Close enough! Many cookies were being consumed, hence the delay… (I may also post a few more festive doodles on my Tumblr, in between cookies.)

Holiday Special: Thanksgiving Bandit

Runaway Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Bandit!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Special splash page for Thanksgiving, because I can! Featuring the Singlebeeste, who appears in the latest comic page… And a purloined Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, sausages, cornbread, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, and muffins. The Queen is Not Amused.

(Okay, so it’s technically the day after Thanksgiving now, but there’s probably still some turkey and stuffing left, right?)

Chapter One: Moving Target

Moving Target Cover

Chapter One: Moving Target

Peril, Panic and Pandemonium!

Or, Business as Usual

POSTING IN A HURRICANE, hahaha! If there are no updates for the next week or so, it’s either because we lost power or the Frankenstorm swept New York into the sea. Otherwise, stay tuned Thursday for actual pages… This is when stuff starts happening! (This is also when we switch to black and white.) (Brace yourselves, the art is about to jump back a few years…) Featured in this cover: Vitalia, Frank Brandywine, Fyodor Fursovich, and a menacing modified pterodactyl (who some of you have met before.) You will meet them all shortly!

Close-ups and progress shots for this cover can be seen here on my sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings.

The Wayward Queen: It Begins!

Wayward Queen Cover

Welcome to The Wayward Queen!

A Comic Extravaganza by Gwenevere J. Singley

IT BEGINS! With a psychedelic cover and way too many tiny columns! WHAT’S GOING ON, you ask? Stay tuned to find out! updates from here on out will be every Monday and Thursday.

Fun Fact: because I wanted to drive myself crazy, I painted this cover in oil on canvas at the not-nearly-big-enough size of 14 x 17 inches, which was possibly not the best choice due to the amount of tiny, fiddly detail… Details and WIPs for the cover can be seen on my official sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings! (And no, the entire comic is not going to be done as full-color paintings, I’d never have time. Just the covers, guys, just the covers! And maybe occasional specials. We shall see.)