The Chase is On!

SWOOSH - and swoosh again!

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Page 221: The Chase is On!

Three-way aerial chase scene between a ghost, a Rotorbug, and an Errosaur? Only in the Randomain! 😀

Also, how to swear in Errosaur.

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Hold Tight!

Proposed design upgrades: seat belts AND a hair net

Page 220: Hold Tight!

Minor design flaws, questionable steering, and Errosaurs – the perils of air travel in the Randomain!

Also demonstrated: the perils of flying with long, unruly hair and equally unruly passengers.

Thumbnails and process for this page can be found on Patreon!

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Cat Wrangling

Cat toys galore! Erro is having fun...

Page 219: Cat Wrangling

Erro!Kitty joins the fray! No… wait… it’s Pterrosaur! The chase is on!

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