Enough of This

No more Mister Nice Guy...

Page 210: Enough of This

Imminent conflict of interests! Patience is wearing thin! Lines are drawn! Tempers are lost! And yes, Iris totally has a one-track mind… But hey, lunch keeps getting away!

It is still stonking hot, which makes it harder to do any inking (seriously, the paper gets damp and warps in the ambient humidity, that’s how swamp-like it is right now,) but progress is being made slowly.

Ticket to Somewhere

Somebody needs to learn about sharing...

Page 209: Ticket to Somewhere

WootWoot, new page! In which we leave everything hanging to check in on the recovering involuntary dance troupe!

Alright, fell off the radar for a bit due to the general amazing but distracting awesomeness that is the IMC, but I’m back and primed to draw stuff! Yes, I’ve been doing way too many shows and workshops. Should be fairly chill the rest of the Summer, though, so more time to draw comics! (I hope.)