Kitty does not approve

Page 208: Catastrophe!

BAD KITTY! D: Kitty is a music critic. Kitty does not like that tune. Kitty does not want any tunes. Is our morose minstrel fated to become cat food?? Stay Tuned!

(Research for this page was fun and distracting, though… I was mostly looking at cougars, which resulted in a fair amount of “DAAAAW FUZZY! LOOK AT THE FUZZY-WUZZIES!” I mean, baby cougars, man…)

Shocking Payback

More and more shocking!

Page 207: Shocking Payback

The payback! What’s more shocking and creepy than an electric eel? An Electric Erro Eel! Electric eels are SO cool, though. What other creature can remotely control the movement of their prey? And if they curl up, they can double their voltage. SO COOL.

Tentative Getaway

We need more snails...

Page 206: Tentative Getaway

WOOHOO, a new page! The getaway! Or… not… (Why the claws? Well, Erro needs to get a grip because there IS a giant waterfall a little way downstream; and of course he’s just a wee bit pissed off.)

This latest delay has been brought to you by multiple deadlines (business as usual) and MoCCA Fest (yay!) and Spectrum Fantastic Art Live (yay!) so it’s not like I’ve been slacking! One of these days I’ll figure out how to cram comic pages in between all that other stuff, though. ONE OF THESE DAYS. (April has been pretty much as follows: rush client deadline – MoCCA Fest – rush client deadline – SFAL – rush client deadline – can I take a nap now??)

Aiming for the next update… ummmmm… derpitty derp… Let’s say around May 8? Very tentatively? If nothing else pops up to derail things.