Danger Looms

The many uses of a balalaika...

Page 201: Danger Looms

YES okay, new page! Dripping with drama and giant snakes!

Wheeee, so since the last page, I’ve attended this utterly incredible workshop, One Fantastic Weekend (it’s run by the peeps behind the One Fantastic Week Podcast.) Despite what the name sounds like, it’s ALL about business – the business of art, the art of business, and how to make a living as an independent artist. All I can say is it’s probably the best workshop I’ve attended so far in terms of learning TONS of useful things in a short amount of time. If you’re an artist thinking of going independent, you should abso-freaking-lutely attend this workshop!

My post-workshop mantra for 2017 is:

Anyway. Back to business for now (some client stuff has been occupying a big chunk of my schedule, but that’s mostly under control now, so hopefully there will be a bit more time for comics.) Tentatively aiming to post the next page around the 12th. (Status updates in the sidebar as usual.)

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