Danger Approaches!


Page 200: Danger Approaches!

What the hell is that!? Well, remember what Erroneous was up to a few pages back…? Yeah. That’s what. Just when we thought things were bad enough, now there’s snakes. DANGER. BEWARE.

Anyway, QUICK update, no time for the usual blather! (Basically all hell’s broken loose since the last update, I’m still getting back on track with everything, would prefer not to mention politics on here, but yeah, all I can say is ARGH.) Page 200, WOOO! When life gets back to semi-normal I guess I should do something special for this milestone, huh.

Next page is probably going to be somewhat delayed, but let’s aim for a tentative update around the 24th. (Status updates in the sidebar as usual.)

The Show Must Go On


Page 199: The Show Must Go On

OKAY. Yes. New page! With some kind of impromptu ballet! Looks like Fursovitch has it all his own way… for now… (Yes, those comparative sizes are accurate. Cudgel is a Big Boy and Iris is tiny. A tiny ball of undead rage.) (As for Cadaver, it’s in his nature as a haunt to obey every command of Carnage save one. So being subject to an enchantment that prevents him from obeying seriously messes him up. Dissipation is the only way out!)

Anyway. Sorry about the extended delay, there. Tis the season for everything to happen! Since the last page, I’ve been at IlluXCon, caught a case of con crud, and am just now getting back on my feet… IlluXCon was totally worth the subsequent con crud, though – it’s my favorite time of year, a whirlwind of the most incredible art and the friendliest artists anywhere. Plus hot cider sangria. And a Wonder Woman Flash Mob. GOOD TIMES. But it’s back to the regular grind for a while, and hopefully back to a semi-regular comic schedule (as regular as it ever gets, anyway.)

Next page is, um… barely nascent. Let’s aim for a tentative update around the 7th. (Status updates in the sidebar as usual.)