Put your right foot in, put your right foot out, do the hokey-pokey and shake it all about!


Okay, new page, finally! And now is the time in the Wayward Queen where we dance! 😀

So much for accurate estimates of my time… But we have a page, despite the prolonged chaos of the past couple of weeks, including wrapping up a crazy client project, migraines, the Return of the Heatwave from Hell (it is SEPTEMBER. Why is it freaking 90 degrees out??) AND, oh joy, more last-minute changes on the crazy client job just as I was about to post this. YAY!

(There were going to be musical notes, but A) they were taking way too long to add, and B) they looked pretty cluttered. I hope those flowy lines still read as musical staves?)

Next page is… uhhh… barely started. So I guess we’ll aim to have it posted around next weekend? Assuming no more unpredictable SNAFUs? (Status updates in the sidebar as usual.)