But wait!

Chaos is what is happening!

Page 193: But wait!

Okay! We are back from IMC and back on track! But what is this happening?? We shall see!

I may have to attempt a blog post on IMC at some point, because it was glorious. A whole week shooting the breeze with the likes of Mike Mignola, Greg Manchess, Donato Giancola, and Scott Fischer, plus frisbee, soccer, unicycles, way too much food, way too little sleep, and midnight rounds of warm cookies and apple pie moonshine. GLORIOUS.

Anyhow. Next page is in the thumbnail stage, aiming to finish by the weekend. Status updates over in the sidebar as usual.


I think everybody needs a time out...

Page 192: Quibbles

Poor Carnage. Leading this gang is like running a kindergarten, really. A bloodthirsty, dysfunctional, overpowered kindergarten. Will the lunatics eliminate their victims, each other, and everyone in the nearby vicinity?? Stay tuned!

Page 193 is still in the thumbnail stage, but I’ll see if I can finish it by Saturday. If not, it might have to be bumped to the week after that, because IMC is happening after Saturday and there will be nooooo time for anything else. Status updates in the sidebar as usual.