This comic is really all about lunch...

Page 191: Nibbles

The rest of the Wrecking Crew to the, um… rescue… or something. Something better than Iris, anyway. (Iris doesn’t just bite necks. She gnaws all over. Yes, she’s a messy eater and won’t share her lunch.) Will anyone survive intact? Stay tuned!

And yes, Cadaver and Cudgel are far more obedient than Iris… Perhaps to a fault. Cadaver because he’s dead and has no imagination, Cudgel because he worships Big Brother and does anything he says.

Next page is half-penciled (yay!) so I think we can aim to have the next update by this Friday. Status updates will be posted over in the sidebar (now that I’ve figured that out a little better… Apparently it was hiding some of my status text last week. Oops.)