Mammoth Malfunction

You break the elephant, you fix the elephant

Page 185: Mammoth Malfunction

Big elephant fall down go boom! D: I guess that’s it for the almighty mammoth-bots, their extinction is nigh… Wiped out by the short-circuit.

The chase is on again! Next update on Friday if all goes well!

An Inside Job

He’s the strong silent type. Or the dead silent type.

Page 184: An Inside Job

*Cough* Okay, we’re… back… again? Sorry about that, there were sudden deadlines, and then worse deadlines, and then total insanity from November through most of January. We will attempt to be weekly from here on out, barring catastrophes. Updates on Fridays!

And yes, we have here a rare page without dialogue. It’s Cadaver, he’s not the chatty type. More like the dead, silent type.

Since it’s been a while AGAIN, here’s a reprise of the handy links from earlier if you need to go back and refresh your memory as to what’s going on:

Go back to the entrance of the Mammoth-Bots…

Or go further back to the entrance of the Wrecking Crew, AKA the beginning of this whole fight-chase-craziness…

Or go all the way back to the arrival of our dubious heroes at Thornback Ridge…

Or go way the heck back to when our unlikely heroes first escaped the Wrecking Crew by zipping off to Thornback Ridge.

(Any further back and you may as well begin at the beginning.)