Of course it wouldn't be in the same bucket, though...

Page 177: Discovery

Well, THAT’S convenient! Gotta wonder if she’d have ever found that thing without being chased – nothing like an axe-wielding vampire for extra motivation! Now, of course, she has to actually get her hands on it…

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Iris: Not a flying vampire

Page 176: Impact!

In which Iris gets what’s coming for her, right in the face! (This episode brought to you by the power of pendulums.) What’s next for Vitalia? Is she in the clear now? Or stuck in a bucket at the bottom of a mysterious mine? Stay tuned!

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Playtime is Over

Angry Lunch!

Page 175: Playtime is Over

In which Vitalia is FED UP and ready to throw things, and Iris is fed up with not being fed. (Can Iris really jump that far? Not sure. Maybe if she’s hungry enough.)

Okay, will TRY to have the next page up on Friday this time. (It’s simpler, so maaaaaybe I can do this!?) Status updates on my Twitter as per usual.