Crazy Junglegym

She's baaaaack...

Page 174: Crazy Junglegym

Whoops, got distracted by last-minute Spectrum submissions (it’s ALWAYS last-minute, I swear.) But anyway! You can’t keep a bad vampire down, so we continue our chase! Vitalia needs to get better pest control. Vampires are hard to get rid of.

Okay. Since this page had so many delays, I’m a bit behind on the next, so we’ll tentatively say the next page will go up Friday. (Check my Twitter for status updates.)

Getting in Gear

Gearing up for a fall...

Page 173: Getting in Gear

Vitalia gets her rear in gear and fights back! With, uh, gears! Whatever works, man! Is Iris gone for good? Or will it take more than gears to shake her off? Stay tuned!

Well, this page took way longer to draw than I thought it would. (GEARS. AUGH. GEEEEEARRRS.) (Next chapter is going to have as few gears as possible, I swear.) Going to try to have the next page ready for next Thursday, we’ll see how this goes. (Status updates will be on my Twitter as usual.)

Luncheon Plans

No, Iris, not even if you use a fancy napkin ring!

Page 172: Luncheon Plans

In which Iris fails to convince her lunch date to cooperate, and Vitalia continues to quibble about the menu… (And yes, being technically more or less a half-vampire, Iris could easily stomach a steak. But she likes fresh girly blood better. Especially in the visible absence of any steak.)

Okay! Next update will be next Thursday, if all goes well! So far it appears to be on track, but check my Twitter for status updates.

Vampire Logic

Hey Vit, what if you turn around and chase right back? No? Okay.

Page 171: Vampire Logic

Well, I guess vacation is over and we’re officially back, after a few glitches! Happy New Year! Happy New Page! Demonstrating a classic example of Iris Logic™. If it runs, chase it! If it stops, eat it! Hey, she thinks with her stomach, what do you expect…

Okay, going to try to get the next page up Thursday. I hope. It’s already thumbnailed, so that’s a start. (Status updates will be on my Twitter as usual…)