Desperate Measures

Now is when that magical flamethrower would be mighty handy...

Page 170: Desperate Measures

Actually, the best time to wake up would have been several pages ago, before the Wrecking Crew arrived. Which is worse, leaping to potential doom or hanging on in the face of certain doom? Your call! Vitalia will gladly skip certain lunch to keep a date with uncertain doom. And the vampires pursue with bloodthirsty cries of “hey!” (And yes, this page suffered every possible delay – sorry about that! Tis the season for total chaos!)

Okay. Next week is Christmas week, and it’s guaranteed to be full of distractions, so I really really doubt I can get a page up then. Temporary holiday hiatus! Expect the next update Tuesday/Wednesday of the week after next (so, around New Year’s Eve.) (Status updates will go on my Twitter, as usual.)

And I REALLY want to get a bit of a buffer built up again in 2015. This business of scrambling to make the next page from start to finish every week does not work well, every little thing throws me off schedule.

Dead End?

Just hang in there!

Page 169: Dead End?

Someone is nearly at the end of her rope! “Now what” is a very good question. With a lot of very bad answers. NOW WHAT?? Stay tuned to find out!

ACK, today has been so full of distractions. But anyway. Let’s aim for the next update next Tuesday, and see how that goes.

Fun With Pulleys

Psst, silly vampire, there's a ladder right there...

Page 168: Fun With Pulleys

Okay! We are officially BACK. With further mechanical shenanigans!

Sorry for the unplanned hiatus, there. It has been one heck of a month. First there was a crazy deadline interfering with my comic-drawing time, then as soon as that cleared up, BAM, my crusty old computer decided to die. So there was at least a week of running around trying to fix and/or replace the old machine, more time spent screwing around with the replacement getting all my old applications and peripherals to work, and then it was Thanksgiving vacation and a barrage of family so there was no time at all for anything except pie… WOOF. But we are now back to normal! Kinda. Sorta. I hope.

Next update should be ready next Tuesday, if all goes well.