Brotherly Shove

I think you'll need a bigger stick...

Page 162: Brotherly Shove

Oh no! You got baby brother mad! Baby brother and his big club with spikes in it! BAD mammoth-bots! (WHY am I trying to do Inktober while simultaneously inking pages like this at the last minute, WHAT WAS I THINKING.) (Oh and of course the next page is at least as complex, if not worse. Wheeeee!)

Yes, those are all different sizes of mammoth-bots. Big ones! Small ones! Medium size ones! Frank was in a hurry.

Erm. Still badly behind on everything here… I THINK the next update can be done by next Thursday, or more likely Friday, but it’s gonna be a scramble. I’ll give a heads-up on my Twitter this time if it looks like it’ll be super late: @QueenGwenevere (Might as well use that Twitter account for something.)