Might want some Advil for that...

Page 165: Breakthrough

Now that’s what we call a splitting headache. What, you thought a giant stone head could hold Iris for long? HA! She has a BIG AXE and ain’t afraid to use it! Iris, maker of headaches and havoc…

UH. Next sequence isn’t even thumbnailed yet. Oh dear. Let’s figure the next update is next Friday, if all goes well? I’ll post a note on my Twitter if it looks like massive delays. (QueenGwenevere on Twitter.)

Timely Intervention

No stairs? No problem.

Timely Intervention

Meanwhile, back in the crypt/mine/weird underground place… Yeah, remember Vitalia? She’s down there somewhere. And she is temporarily saved by Cadaver’s tendency to follow his captain’s commands literally and without question. (Yes, Cadaver has no imagination or sense of humor whatsoever. He’s dead, what do you expect.)

I have a sneaking suspicion I may have cannibalized that line for a tournament entry somewhere… But what the heck. It’s supposed to go here.

Next update should be around next Thursday. I think that looks feasible…

Big Bullies


Page 163: Big Bullies

Baby Brother Strong Like Elephant! But Mammoth-Bot Stronger! Who’s the biggest bully of them all? I guess that leaves the bully boys a bit tied up for the moment, anyhow…

Next update SHOULD be next Thursday this time. I’ve already made some progress on page 164, so I think things will go a bit faster.

Brotherly Shove

I think you'll need a bigger stick...

Page 162: Brotherly Shove

Oh no! You got baby brother mad! Baby brother and his big club with spikes in it! BAD mammoth-bots! (WHY am I trying to do Inktober while simultaneously inking pages like this at the last minute, WHAT WAS I THINKING.) (Oh and of course the next page is at least as complex, if not worse. Wheeeee!)

Yes, those are all different sizes of mammoth-bots. Big ones! Small ones! Medium size ones! Frank was in a hurry.

Erm. Still badly behind on everything here… I THINK the next update can be done by next Thursday, or more likely Friday, but it’s gonna be a scramble. I’ll give a heads-up on my Twitter this time if it looks like it’ll be super late: @QueenGwenevere (Might as well use that Twitter account for something.)