Pro Tip: Don't Mess with Mammoth-Bots

Page 161: HRUUUUNG!

Today’s Important Life lesson: Do not annoy creatures that are several times larger than you and bullet-proof.

So yeah, this is the page that got massively delayed due to IlluXcon. Need to learn to plan better if I go to any more cons, haha. (This would’ve had less of a delay if I’d packed the right comic sketchbook… I thought I could at least finish the pencils for this page in between con stuff, but grabbed the wrong book. Not a total loss, though, I got some work done on future pages instead.)

And was IlluXcon awesome? It was awesome. OMG SO MUCH COOL ART. I WANT TO MAKE COOL ART TOO. NEED 48 HOURS IN THE DAY. Plus I did as many panels and demos as I could cram in – the Drawn + Drafted Artist’s Boot Camp series was worth the trip alone. Highlights: Everything by Omar Rayyan, giving up at the sight of Donato’s Iron Throne painting, ogling Dave Palumbo’s brushwork, manhandling original paintings by Mark Zug, snagging Travis Louie’s strange little book and Jim Pavelec’s big creepy book, gaping at the HUGE painting by Rebecca Guay, and the new painting from Wylie Beckert, spazzing over Jeremy Wilson’s entire table, discovering Linda Adair and Iris Compiet, and AUGH so much more cool art. Oh, and the alligator chair. I wants it. 🙂

Oh and there were late-night sketch jams. With booze. Those were fun. 🙂 I’ll post stuff from those on my blog and Tumblr (once I get around to scanning them…)

Okay, I think we’d better say the next update is next Thursday so I have time to catch up. And then hopefully I can stick with the usual once-a-week schedule for a while.