A Big Obstacle

Pachyderm Power!

Page 159: A Big Obstacle

YES, giant robot mammoths! 😀 Because mammoths are cool! Robots are cool! Giant robot mammoths are super-cool! Carnage doesn’t think so, though.

GAH. Not doing so good on timely updates. Deadlines. Heatwaves. Too hot for computer. Too hot for me. I’m melting. Meeeeeellllltiiiiiinnnnggg…. I think we start getting tolerable weather next week, though. So, next update next Thursday? I hope? (Please let there be rain, I have piles of stuff I need to do on my computer, dammit!)

2 replies on “A Big Obstacle”

Holy crap, Frank drew TWO of them! Run, Carnage, run!
(Awesome robot mammoths are awesome!)

Also, I hope the rain kicks in at your area real soon.

Or three! Or four! 😀 When you start with the elephants, it’s hard to stop!

And we finally have nice cool Fall weather…. yaaay! (Except now I’m madly scrambling to do ALL THE COMPUTER STUFF since I’m so behind after the heat waves, haha.)

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