A Big Fix


Page 158: A Big Fix

Draw faster! FASTER! I don’t know why he keeps picking the most complicated subjects to draw. I don’t know why I keep picking the most complicated subjects to draw, either. These next few pages are gonna get complicated, yo.

Derp. Sorry for the slight delay, it’s been migraine week with a vengeance (plus trying to cope with work deadlines in migraine conditions. Not fun.) August has been like that. Probably the combination of heat and relentless super-bright sun. IT BUUUURNS. I cannot wait for Summer to be over, I’ve had ENOUGH. >:C

Uh. Will try to have the next page up by next Thursday. (Pleeeeease can there not be migraines next week…)


Never a dull moment...

Page 157: Kapow!

Why yes, we’ll just leave Vitalia in a hopeless jam and check in with the shenanigans above ground. Where more jams are stirring. Ain’t nobody safe around here. (I’ve come to think of this sequence as “the battle of the old guys”… Frank is in his mid-fifties, and Carnage is in his mid-sixties. They’re both gonna be sore and cranky when this is all over.)

Next update, er… next week, Thursday-ish?


"Crud" is an understatement.

Page 156: WHOOPS

Whoops. Not good. Not good at all. That was pretty much her one ticket to survival, right there. WHOOPS. Well, Vit, welcome to your new permanent home. I hope you like gears.

Will Vitalia be able to use her complete lack of survival skills to get out of this?? Stay tuned! Next update around next Thursday, I hope.

Escape Mechanism

Gearing up for action!

Page 155: Escape Mechanism

Vitalia and the unintended escape mechanism! Whatever works… Although she may need to escape from the mechanism next.

(I have no good excuse for the late update this week… Other than juggling too many things at once and failing at multitasking. Blargh.) Next update Thursday, I swear!