Graceful Exit

More gears! Need more gears!

Page 154: Graceful Exit

Well, that’s one way to flee, I guess… Not the most elegant way, but whatever works! (And yes, this page took FOREVER. Especially since this is one of the pages that got rained on and it got all warped and it took a lot of wrangling to salvage the inking I’d already done. Plus the warping made it awfully tricky to scan. GOSH DANG IT I WORKED HARD FOR THIS PAGE.) (Comics and rain, they do not mix well.)

You know, I think we’d better just assume that updates are on Thursdays. At least until Summer ends. So next update, um, next Thursday?


Ghosts and goblins and ghouls, oh my!

Page 153: Boo!

Press the button! PRESS THE BUTTON! Anywhere is safer than here! This place is positively swarming with dead and undead and should-be-dead and everybody-wants-them-dead… D: (Cadaver is supposed to be coming through the wall, there, not sure if that’s obvious.) (He’s a ghost, walls don’t apply.)

I have to say I… really quite like this page? So swirly! I like swirly. Anyway. Next update… er… probably Wednesday/Thursday at this rate.

Also! Part three of the “Comic Page Creation” demo is up! In this edition, we tackle inking! The fun stuff! Yay! Go check out part three over here!


Nice knowin' ya...

Page 152: Phooey

Vitalia, you are being a brat. Stop that. It might get you killed. Look at all that ominous foreshadowy stuff creeping up on you.

Uuuuuugh, many delays here due to heat, sorry! Apparently my crotchety old computer is getting worse at making it through the Summer. I had a scary episode of my monitor going totally haywire, so now I’m scrambling to upgrade this machine (I keep putting it off. Don’t think I can do that much longer.)

This page also took forever to process due to, er, having been rained on. (Hopefully you can’t tell.) My habit of taking work outside backfires occasionally. Especially in thunderstorm season.

Will try for another update between Tuesday and Wednesday..? If my computer doesn’t die…?

Mixed Agendas

Vit, you're being a brat...

Page 151: Mixed Agendas

Nope, not getting along at all… Vitalia does have a point, though. Anywhere the Wrecking Crew is lurking is a BAD place to hang around.

And meanwhile, the demo of How I Make These Comic Pages continues! With Part 2, Drawing the Page! Where I get into blue-penciling and penciling… Check it out here!

Run Away!

Everyone needs a magical mystery escape button!

Page 150: Run Away!

Page 150! In which people are not getting along… Business as usual. (Sorry for the lateness, me and my computer both had a bit of a heat-induced meltdown for a while there…)

To celebrate 150 pages of People Not Getting Along, I’ve put together a demo showing how I make these comic pages, start to finish. Actually, it’s going to be a series of demos (it was getting so elaborate and taking so long that it was delaying this update even more.)

We start with Part One: Writing and Thumbnailing! Check it out here!

Oh yeah, and Happy Fourth of July to all the Americans out there! 😀