Slight change in the lunch menu...

Page 149: Glomp!

Lunch is served! What weapon do you use against a small but enthusiastic axe-wielding vampire? Giant stone heads! Er… Okay, maybe not an ideal choice, but he had, like, a couple of seconds to think of something and draw it, right? So, yeah. Whatever works. (Making it look a bit like the enthusiastic vampire’s boss was likely a subconscious but weirdly appropriate choice.)

Next update around next Tuesday/Wednesday. (And I really need to clear some space off my computer before then – it’s getting to the point where Photoshop is barely usable. Took foreeeeever to prep this page.)

Lightning Sketch

Dynamic pencil-pushing!

Page 148: Lightning Sketch

And now is the time in the Wayward Queen where things get weird! Well, weirder than usual. (And Vitalia really needs to develop better reflexes if she wants to survive long in this world…) Has Frank totally flipped, or does he know what he’s doing? Will Vit ever learn to react faster, or is she destined to be toast? Stay tuned!

Sorry about the delayed post, this week got all migraine-y (blegh.) Will try to have the next page up next Tuesday/Wednesday!

Freaky Monsters

Small but deadly monsters

Page 147: Freaky Monsters

SURPRISE. There may not be any huge freaky monsters, but there’s a small freaky monster! With a big axe. But have no fear! We have pencils! Yeah!

WILL EVERYBODY DIE!? Stay tuned! Next update around the same time next week.

On the Scent

Nosy lil' vampire...

Page 146: On the Scent

On the trail of lunch! Will lunch – er, Vitalia – catch on in time, or is she destined to become a munchable morsel? Stay tuned! (Next update around Tuesday/Wednesday next week.)