Ground Tactics

Run Carnage Run!

Page 145: Ground Tactics

Yeah, sending a hungry Iris ahead by herself, nothing can possibly go wrong with that plan, right? (This has been another installment of “Lunch: The Webcomic”. I don’t know how that subject keeps recurring. Maybe I shouldn’t draw this stuff when I’m hungry.)

Next page seems to be fairly under control except for a few spikes and details, so expect another update next Tuesday-ish.


This is definitely not flying first class

Page 144: Mayday!

Bail out! Pterodactyl failure! D: There seems to be a drastic shortage of parachutes in this realm. Someone should start a business peddling parachutes, they’d make a fortune.

Woohoo, I updated close to when I said I would! Let’s try for another update next Tuesday, then, shall we? (Making better progress on my buffer now. But holy wow, are we getting into some complicated stuff.) (Giant crazy fight scene, guys. GIANT. CRAZY. FIGHT. SCENE. I’ve been looking forward to this SO much.)

Technical Difficulties

A spot of engine trouble

Page 143: Technical Difficulties

Having a little pterodactyl trouble, here… Rough landings ahead! (This seems to happen a lot around here.)

Fun Fact for anyone who hasn’t followed Erro’s non-canon shenanigans: Erroneous has a few issues controlling his shapeshifting. The further a shape is from his default in size or species, the harder it is to maintain for any length of time. Hence, situations arise…

UM. Still catching up on my buffer and everything else. Making progress, but it’s sloooow. So, next update next week probably around Wednesday.

Look Sharp!

I think the cast is getting tipsy...

Page 142: Look Sharp!

If the puns don’t kill you, these guys might! Company is coming for… lunch. And they’ve brought their own utensils. SHARP utensils. (My apologies for just about all the dialogue in those first two panels. Possibly everyone’s had too many thornberries. They’re starting to walk into the fourth wall…)

URGH this week has been utter chaos, sorry! Hence the crazy late update… Next week should be back to relatively normal, with an update around Tuesday/Wednesday..