Lunch and Snails

Two nerds and a dork!

Page 141: Lunch and Snails

Lunching with the nerd pack and their electric snails! In a world full of sudden unexpected landmarks, radio is a rather practical means of communication. I’ve actually worked out the basic functioning of Fursovich’s kit, though we don’t see it here. Everything is easily cobbled together with homemade parts, the only fantastical bit is the use of electric snails (there had to be SOMETHING weird, or it wouldn’t be me. Besides, most homemade battery techniques looked pretty clunky.) And even THAT’S based on a real thing – yes, someone has indeed made a snail battery!

Electric snails, common enough in the Randomain if you know where to look, come in various sizes of varying wattage… The bigger they are, the more voltage they have. The more coils in the shell, the more amps they have. You can see more detailed electric snail sketches here!

Errrmmm… Looks like the next update will be next week around the same time.

Loop the Loop

Well, it's not better, but it's... different...

Page 140: Loop the Loop

Compounding the technical difficulties like a pro! I think she’s managed to achieve some kind of moebius loop, there…

Okay, updated before Friday, yay! Let’s see if I can do it again next week! (Yeah, still gonna have to stay at one page a week for now, I’m SO behind. But starting to make some progress now…)

Vicious Circle

Fasten your seatbelts, we may experience turbulence...

Page 139: Vicious Circle

Aw, poor confused Bugbat… Mez should know by now not to get on any vehicle built by Pez. He’d be better off walking at this rate. And safer. (And look, TOTALLY RANDOM palace-city-thing! Why did I throw that in instead of doing some nice easy trees, I do not know! Apparently I want to make life more difficult for myself.)

Okay, taxes are done, work stuff is kinda under control, so I’ll attempt to have the next update up around next Tuesday… (crosses fingers.)

Headaches Inc.

Hiccups go "kzzzap", don't they?

Page 138: Headaches Inc.

Headaches for everyone! The witches are on the warpath – look out!

Ergh, migraines have struck. So yes, obviously only one update this week. Dang it, I’ll catch up one of these days! And taxes are due next week, so I think we’d better say there will be one page next week as well. Tax time is always hectic.


Poetry at its finest!

Page 137: Counterplots

Well. NOW things are about to get messy. Nothing like a little infighting to spice things up! This is what happens if you throw your team a bone and expect them to compete for it. Especially if your team is made up of people with dubious ethics.

And yes, of course the Red Witches use their feathers as wands! Athena’s spells tend to affect judgment and will. (I’m seriously going to regret using rhymes, aren’t I…) (We’ll see how long THAT lasts, haha.)

Hmmm. I’m still fairly far behind on my buffer, so whether I can do two updates next week may depend how productive I am over the weekend. Gonna try to make some progress, anyway! In any case, next update should hopefully be around Monday/Tuesday this time.