Unwelcome News

Better catch up, girls...

Page 136: Unwelcome News

In which the girls are fashionably late to the party… (The Wrecking Crew is not very popular, can you tell. Especially not when they trample all over other people’s turf.)

Sorry for the super late update! It’s been a hectic week. (Multiple things are due the end of this week, haha, arrgh.) But next week my schedule should should ease up a bit, so maaaaaybe after next week we can go back to two pages a week. We’ll see how things go. (Crosses fingers.)

Staff Meeting

Meeting, yay! And I doubt anyone brought donuts...

Page 135: Staff Meeting

The girls are baaaack! And they missed the party. They won’t be pleased. (And yes, the official commands for resizing Bugbat are “Downsize” and “Upscale”…)

Uh, I guess the one-page-a-week thing continues until the end of March (and probably the first week of April.) I have a bunch of things to finish by April and I’m in major multi-tasking mode… So next update will be around the same time next week!

Ugly But Tasty!

Breakfast of Champions!

Page 134: Ugly but Tasty!

In which lunch is found! Sort of. Could be an acquired taste. And Frank is turning out to be SUCH a troll… I didn’t know he had it in him. (He has a point, though. This is not a good realm to be wandering around in by yourself unless you’ve got a big can of whoop-ass handy.) (Vit is significantly lacking in whoop-ass.)

Next update will be next week, Tuesday-ish… (I seem to have taken on a lot of side-projects for March. This ain’t exactly helping me stay ahead on comic pages, haha.)

Dubious Invitation

Ain't this a face you can trust?

Page 133: Dubious Invitation

That gizmo sure changes hands a lot. Frank really really REALLY wants that thing, you can tell. Vit is having none of that, though. Will Vitalia biff off into the wilderness on her own and perish of cluelessness? Stay tuned!

(Argh, I’m still kinda behind, so we’re still doing one page a week. Next update will be up next Monday/Tuesday-ish!) (Probably in a more timely manner than this page, this one took forever to finish. Next one is simpler.)