Rough Landing

Fasten your seatbelt!

Page 132: Rough Landing

New location! Woooo! About time we got out of the woods! And Frank can’t seem to leave that gizmo alone, can he…

(And of course this location is slow as heck to draw, why do I do this to myself… “Thorns!” I said, “Thorns should be simple, right?” HA! But just wait, it gets even more complicated as it goes on.)

So, sticking with one update per week until I catch up on my buffer. Next update will be Monday/Tuesday-ish next week (and I still need to finish inking the next page. And it’s complicated. EEP.)


Ptroublesome Pterodactyl...

Page 131: Pterodactyls!

It’s Errodactyl! Yes I know that’s not an entirely correct pterodactyl of any species… That’s because it’s Errodactyl, Erro’s personal take on the pterodactyl form. Hence the bird-style “backward” talons. (Actually, there’s a good reason for those… In a number of previous non-canon comics, I’ve needed to have Errodactyl grab and carry things, and normal pterodactyl feet are not great for this. So I went with raptor-style feet, and they’ve become more or less canon.) (Oh, and those non-canon comics are all linked in the “miscellany” section. If you’re curious.)

Be glad he can’t talk in most non-humanoid forms. It gives us a moment’s respite from Erroneisms. (Don’t ask me how Carnage understands Pterodactyl…)

SCHEDULE NOTE: Um, I think I may need to go to one page a week for the next two weeks? I’m seriously struggling to stay ahead at the moment, I’ve been trying to catch up on my buffer but at the current rate of progress I’m pretty much running in place. So I’ll post one page a week for a couple weeks and see how things go. If I’m STILL behind after that, we might have to stay at one page a week for a month. (There’s some complicated stuff coming up, it’s slowing me down a bit.)


It's a bird! It's a plane! It's...

Page 130: Persuasion

Carnage is well-equipped to deal with his subordinates. No griping and pouting tolerated in this gang. (Seriously though, it’s like running a kindergarten sometimes.) (A murderous kindergarten.)

(And this page would’ve been up a lot sooner if there hadn’t been a lot of crashing going on. Not a good computer day, apparently.)


Leave the vampires alone already!

Page 129: Kvetching

Yes, Erro is being a spoiled, uncooperative twit. They go through this every time he has to carry the whole gang. Starting a frozen car ain’t nothin’, try persuading a temperamental shapeshifter to shift. (This comic should be retitled “Uncooperative Transportation”…)

I find it ironically appropriate that the Valentine’s Day page features the suicidal flirtation of Dysfunctional Un-Couple of the Year. Consider it a PSA. Relationships: How Not to Do It!


That's what we call expert aerial surveillance...

Page 128: Plans

Yep, they’re a shifty bunch. This is what happens when you hire thugs. Can’t trust these people with ANYTHING.

Erroneous may have cause to regret this, though.


Dysfunctional Co-workers At Work

Page 127: Clues

It does not pay to manhandle a vampire, kids.

And no, Iris ain’t the brightest bat in the bunch…

Aerial Surveillance

Pay no attention to the freaks in the foreground

Page 126: Aerial Surveillance

In which the adults take charge while the children squabble… (Why does Mezereon not suspect something is up with those two, you might ask? Well, it’s safe to assume he ignores anything Erro does as a matter of course. Unless compelled to acknowledge him by force of circumstance.)

Iris, just sock the bastard, don’t bother with biting…