What a foul festering mouth you've got there!

Page 125: Curses!

Professional cursing! By a master of the craft! And what is Erro up to…? Only Erro knows!

Ugh, sorry for pretty much vanishing this week… It was the Week of Ultimate Final Deadlines on this job that’s been dragging on since… uh…… last February. *Sobs* But! IT’S DONE! The thing that’s been eating all my time is finished, wrapped up, totally out of my hair at last! (The last part should be live next week, I think. I’ll post links when it’s all live, because, why not.)

So this means… Regular updates, maybe!? And… I can go draw stuff! Anything I want! I have free time! I want to draw ALL THE THINGS! (Well, except I think I’m getting repetitive stress problems in both arms from all the repetitive and stressful animation I had to churn out in the past couple of weeks. Ugh. I should behave for a few days. But I don’t wanna.)

One… Two… What?

So much for stealth.

Page 124: One… Two… What?

Sorry guys! Gotta move fast if you want to keep up!

Also, stay tuned for a process demo of this page! I thought it might be neat to show my stupidly time-consuming process for making these pages, so I scanned process steps while drawing and inking this (hence why it’s posted kinda late, heh. I had to keep stopping to scan.) I’ll probably post that on my Tumblr, but I’ll link it here.

Creeping Menace

Don't look now, but you're about to be massacred

Page 123: Creeping Menace

Guys… Hey guuuuys… You might want to clear out of there, like, NOW? Quit waffling and just GO! Cavern of Doom is way better than what’s creeping up behind you!

(There should be six thugs creeping around in that top panel… The innocent and chronically bored bystander may find some amusement in playing Spot-the-Thugs.)

Will the hapless trio escape in time? Or will everyone be massacred horribly? Stay tuned! (Rushes off to finish inking page 124 which was inexplicably left unfinished and we only remembered about it week before last, hahaha… ha…)

Let’s Do This!

Pointing! It gets things done!

Page 122: Let’s Do This!

LET’S DO THIS! In a big bickering mob! Yep, that’ll work well… More pointing and shouting! Need more pointing and shouting! That’s the key to leadership!

Not that Iris can be trusted to carry out any instructions that don’t involve total destruction, shouted or otherwise…

And yep, Cudgel is Carnage’s much bigger baby brother… He wants to learn to be a successful(?) thug just like Big Brother. So far he’s mostly learned how to hit things. Stealth is a skill that continues to elude him.


That special kind of stealth where you crash around and yell a lot

Page 121: Regrouping

Back on the ground and back on track! If they can all stop bickering, that is… (Somebody should muzzle Erroneous. That would help.)

Aaaaand now I go hole up and spend several days animating complicated bits of faux-3D photorealistic machinery that I thought wouldn’t need to be animated but now the client insists that everything should move… *sobs*. So I may be cranky and discombobulated for a bit. But hopefully I can still keep up with two pages a week… (I hope. Damn, just when I was getting back on track.)

Free Lunch?

Let's take a trip to Tanstaafl!

Page 120: Free Lunch?

Somehow we keep coming back to the subject of lunch, and somehow the lunch is forever elusive. I should just rename this comic “Wayward Lunch”.

(Maybe I shouldn’t write this stuff when I’m hungry…)

Weird Noises

Singlebeeste: Not Making Friends

Page 119: Weird Noises

Um, yeah. I should think you guys would notice the weird noises by now. Might I suggest you take the hint and maybe clear out of the area while you still have all your limbs…?

(*derp* okay, guess I muffed Thursday’s update… Sorry, I was traveling, that always throws me for a loop. But the holiday/family/travel stress is all done now. Back to normal work and ever-growing-to-do-list stress. I can handle this, right?) (Right. Sure. Yup.)