Hanky Panky

Can we survive the innuendo?

Page 118: Hanky Panky

From bad to worse: stuck in a tree with an omnivorously lecherous fairy… Mez is not having a good day. Thankfully the fairy’s boss is on the job. (Carnage has a very low tolerance of Erroneosities… And a gun. Two guns.)

Erro: Hiiiiii~ Let me into your personal space…

Mezereon: Closed body-language! Closed body-language!

Mission Accomplished

Convenient hair...

Page 117: Mission Accomplished

Erroneous is a significant factor in Mezereon’s antipathy to the Wrecking Crew… The antipathy is obviously not mutual. Mr. Fairy Fingers is glad to be friends with anyone remotely good looking. (Yes, for those who have had the good fortune of not meeting Erro elsewhere, he’s a partial fairy – in every sense of the word.) (And not the friendly little sparkly kind, either.)

And we’ll try and go back to our usual schedule of two pages a week next week… Hopefully things will be settled to comparatively normal by then.

Holiday Special: Christmas Queen

Ho ho ho! And jingle jingle!

Christmas Queen

We take a brief interlude from our usual shenanigans for a holiday announcement from her Majesty:

Her Majesty hereby decrees feasting and festivity for all, with unbridled frolicking and unlimited pie, countless cookies, and cakes in abundance! Let cocoa be quaffed and capers be cut! May adventures be concluded and commenced, and may everyone stay up way past bedtime!

(Regular page should be up later tonight. If family doesn’t get too much in the way. Otherwise, tomorrow.)

A Territorial Beestie

Aw, whatsamatta, don't you want to play?

Page 116: A Territorial Beestie

Aw, don’t you want to be friends with the big scary version of yourself? No? I guess the world isn’t ready for a doublebeeste…

In other news I’ve delivered one game beta to my client, am scrambling to finish another while trying to sort out holiday plans, and now I’ve caught a cold and don’t feel like doing anything but chugging tea and sleeping. YAY. Um, does anyone mind if we sort of stay with one page a week until after Christmas? What with the holiday chaos and deadlines (still, ugh,) and this stupid cold, I’m not sure I can handle two pages a week through all this…

And Then There Were Two!

Evidently not a gregarious species

Page 115: And Then There Were Two

Remember, there’s only one Singlebeeste. Until now. Existential crisis ahoy!

Gratuitous Striptease

Dude needs a shave and a haircut...

Page 114: Gratuitous Striptease

Okay, I finally got a moment to get the next page up! (Taking a break from fixing bugs and tweaking animations on this endless crazy job…) First time I’ve missed a week, agh… I’ll try not to let that happen again, sorry! Work deadlines have been getting way more overwhelming than usual.

Anyhow! Yes. I think we can guess what Erro’s plan is now… Will it work? We shall see! And for those of you who haven’t met him already in previous comics, yes, Erroneous is not only shifty but shapeshifty. In other words, he’s totally BAD NEWS. (For those of you who have met him, well, yeah, business as usual, ain’t it…)