Elusive Varmint

Everything's better with squirrels!

Page 113: Elusive Varmint

Carnage is not a happy camper. Not even squirrels can help. But Erroneous has a plan! Maybe…

(Yes, absurdly off-schedule again, sorry, there was Thanksgiving, and then there was a pile of work-related tasks to slog through… Uuuugh, ALMOST done with this crazy project. Of course these jobs always get craziest near the end, so bear with us here.)

(Weird random techno is getting me through this week. Wheee.)

Oh, I forgot to mention! I’ve added paging to the archives, so it should be a bit easier to navigate through past pages now. I haven’t styled them yet, so currently the paging links are really small links way down at the bottom left of the archive pages. (I’ll pretty them up when I get time.)

Weight Lifting

Aw, it's just playing!

Page 112: Weight Lifting

The collection grows! With a hefty addition! (Okay, now I think it’s just having fun…) (That is one strong Singlebeeste.) Cudgel is not known for his smarts. His main job is carrying the baggage. And hitting things.

Collecting Nuts

Squirrels don't have horns, you silly vampire...

Page 111: Collecting Nuts

Four nuts in a tree! Now they can play a round of bridge! I think the Singlebeeste is collecting nuts now… Only it knows why. Possibly to amuse it through the long Winter months?

Simple Solution

That poor terrified tree!

Page 109: A Simple Solution

Simple solutions from a simple mind! (Iris is not the brightest of the bunch.) I fear for that poor tree… It’s no match for an addle=pated axe-wielding vampire!

I have a feeling Mez is enjoying this on some level. Payback. Snark for snark.

Join the Party

Just dropping in!

Page 109: Join the Party

In which a third joins the arboreal card party… Deal him in, he’ll be hanging around a while!

I’ll admit it, I totally forgot about Thursday’s update, hence why it’s up today instead. Whoops. Sorry about that. I’ve been juggling too many deadlines this week, I’m not sure where my head is at anymore… (Should be done with this crazy job next month, though. Maybe things will settle down a bit then. I hope so, because I’m REALLY behind on buffer pages now and need to catch up.)

Pesky Interloper

Yip! Get off my lawn!

Page 108: Pesky Interloper

They forgot to reckon with the reason WHY their beleaguered colleagues are up a tree in the first place… Irritated territorial furry woodland creatures! LARGE irritated territorial furry woodland creatures.

And yes, Erroneous gets around. And yes, Iris is that short. Or Erro is that tall. Or both. And none of the crew is terribly helpful when the boss is in trouble, apparently.


These people are not exactly chummy...

Page 107: Professionals

Mez and the Wrecking Crew do not get along, can you tell… And is that ominous foreshadowing? Or simply more looming absurdity? (Absurdity is a good bet around here.)

Also it’s my Birthday. A fancy-schmancy dinner is already on the agenda, as is a certain amount of goofing off. And there had better be cake somewhere on the horizon.

Chumps and Trumps

They have a reputation...

Page 106: Chumps and Trumps

Mez may not be cheating, but that squirrel is sure as heck up to something… Keep an eye on that squirrel! (Apparently a deck of cards is essential equipment when traveling about the Randomain… You never know when you’ll be stuck up a tree with nothing to do.)

(Page delayed on account of migraines. Again. Argh.) (This is getting seriously annoying…)


Don't mind all that racket in the background...

Page One Hundred and Five: Instructions

Yes, Carnage has a lot of weapons. He likes to be prepared. And when you’ve got employees like he’s got, heavy-duty weaponry is a useful management tool. At present he’s toting two guns, a sword, a spiky mace, a knife, and as much ammo as he can carry.