Meanwhile, Mayhem!

This, friends, is what we call a melee...

Page One Hundred and Two: Meanwhile, Mayhem!

Introducing… The Wrecking Crew. (Two of them, anyway. The other three are on the next page.) Just doing their job, which is mayhem-for-hire. On the left with the axe, we have Iris the addlepated vampire. And on the right, Erroneous, who is… well, let’s just say he lives up to his name. THINGS ARE GONNA GET MESSY. XD

As some of you are probably all too aware, Iris and Erroneous have already featured in extensive non-canon adventures in various tournaments. You can find them all on the “Miscellany” page. For those of you who’ve already met these guys, well, now you can see them in their native habitat! For better or worse. XD

Also, sorry for the delay on this page, I’ve had massive work deadlines for the past few days. Truth be told I have massive deadlines through December, so updates may get even more out-of-synch than usual for a while. You can keep track on my Tumblr if you want, I post teasers there whenever a new page goes up.

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