Who Do You Call?

Professionals at work!

Page One Hundred and One: Who Do You Call?

Who do you call when the hired help is up a tree, out to lunch, and in the dark? THE WRECKING CREW. Or… no. No, don’t call them. Really, don’t. Bad idea. NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF THIS.

(People who have been following me on DA might have an inkling of what – or who – is coming next. Or can figure it out, I’m sure.) (THIS IS GONNA BE FUN.) Fair warning: the next few pages have considerably more gore than anything so far… (which is to say, there is some.) (Okay, a lot.)

And I swear I would have gotten this page up at least several hours earlier if I hadn’t been wrestling with my dratted tablet. Grrrr. Pro tip in case anyone has the same problem I was having: if your Wacom tablet doesn’t seem to know when you’ve lifted your pen off the tablet and keeps “sticking” or lagging or dragging trails after you pick up your pen… Well, it might just be a sticky pen nib. What you do is take the nib out, maybe clean it, maybe also bang your nibless pen on something to dislodge any grit that might have gotten inside, then put the nib back in and give it a good push to make sure it’s all the way in. The tip should give a little when you press it on your finger. If it doesn’t, try taking it out and putting it in until it does.

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Oh, she’s calling The Wrecking Crew… Wait. The Wrecking- Oh no. No no no. Noooooo. She’s calling For the Wrecking Crew, meaning HE is with them…

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