Business Call

Multitasking with a vengeance!

Page One Hundred & Four: Business Call

That’s what we call multitasking! And yes, the “business” the Wrecking Crew is currently engaged in is another Saralactra job (and directly related to the methods by which she gets the means to pay all these people.)

Easy Bargain

Living up to their name...

Page One Hundred and Three: Easy Bargain

The Wrecking Crew at work! They have far too much fun at their job. The thug with the gun is Carnage, boss of the Wrecking Crew. Cadaver is floating in the foreground, officially dead but still on the job whether anyone wants him to be or not. Erroneous and Iris are having fun with decapitation in the background, and in the way back is Cudgel looking for something to whack. (I make no guarantees about the accuracy of that gun. It’s sort of a hybrid revolver, based on a mish-mosh of various old revolvers. Probably a custom one-off, mass-production is rare in this world.)

(Sorry this is so late! Yes, I’m still in grisly deadline mode, stuff is due Monday, waaaaagggh…)

Meanwhile, Mayhem!

This, friends, is what we call a melee...

Page One Hundred and Two: Meanwhile, Mayhem!

Introducing… The Wrecking Crew. (Two of them, anyway. The other three are on the next page.) Just doing their job, which is mayhem-for-hire. On the left with the axe, we have Iris the addlepated vampire. And on the right, Erroneous, who is… well, let’s just say he lives up to his name. THINGS ARE GONNA GET MESSY. XD

As some of you are probably all too aware, Iris and Erroneous have already featured in extensive non-canon adventures in various tournaments. You can find them all on the “Miscellany” page. For those of you who’ve already met these guys, well, now you can see them in their native habitat! For better or worse. XD

Also, sorry for the delay on this page, I’ve had massive work deadlines for the past few days. Truth be told I have massive deadlines through December, so updates may get even more out-of-synch than usual for a while. You can keep track on my Tumblr if you want, I post teasers there whenever a new page goes up.

Who Do You Call?

Professionals at work!

Page One Hundred and One: Who Do You Call?

Who do you call when the hired help is up a tree, out to lunch, and in the dark? THE WRECKING CREW. Or… no. No, don’t call them. Really, don’t. Bad idea. NOTHING GOOD WILL COME OF THIS.

(People who have been following me on DA might have an inkling of what – or who – is coming next. Or can figure it out, I’m sure.) (THIS IS GONNA BE FUN.) Fair warning: the next few pages have considerably more gore than anything so far… (which is to say, there is some.) (Okay, a lot.)

And I swear I would have gotten this page up at least several hours earlier if I hadn’t been wrestling with my dratted tablet. Grrrr. Pro tip in case anyone has the same problem I was having: if your Wacom tablet doesn’t seem to know when you’ve lifted your pen off the tablet and keeps “sticking” or lagging or dragging trails after you pick up your pen… Well, it might just be a sticky pen nib. What you do is take the nib out, maybe clean it, maybe also bang your nibless pen on something to dislodge any grit that might have gotten inside, then put the nib back in and give it a good push to make sure it’s all the way in. The tip should give a little when you press it on your finger. If it doesn’t, try taking it out and putting it in until it does.


Now what did that poor squirrel do to deserve getting yelled at...

Page One Hundred: Ineptitude

Nope. Boss isn’t happy at all. You’re one step away from being demoted and replaced by a squirrel, guys. Also, 100 pages! WHOO! Thousands more to go! WHOO! (And I’m still hoping to get a splash page up after the next page, before we cut to the next scene. Didn’t get aaaanything done this weekend because family was visiting.)

(Haha, so much for sneaking a page up in the morning when no one was looking… I got a barrage of client emails and the morning went downhill from there. Whoops.)

Up a Stump

Just hangin' out with the squirrels...

Page Ninety Nine: Up a Stump

Or rather, up a tree… With a squirrel friend! Perhaps the squirrel can be trained to fetch?

And it looks like page 100 is imminent! How’d we get there so fast? Hmm, I was hoping to have a splash page up to mark the hundredth page, but between work deadlines and relatives descending on my apartment I’m not sure I’m gonna make it quite in time. Might have to put something up around page 101 instead (that’s a better break point anyway.) (And oh man, the stuff we start getting into after page 100… Ooooooh maaaaaaannn. This is gonna be FUN.) XD

Plan B

How about Plan C...?

Page Ninety Eight: Plan B

Things are looking… up? Maybe? Or have we fallen out of the frying pan, into the tree? Either way, the squirrels are annoyed.


No, not the hat!

Page Ninety Seven: Nooo!

Noooooo, Peziza’s lost Mezereon! And herself! And her hat…! Er, this mission could have gone better, perhaps…?

And yes, I’m afraid I’ll have to leave you with that until Monday… (Will try to get Monday’s page up ON Monday this time. Otherwise we’re all stuck with cliffhangers.)

Hold On!

Pilot Error

Page Ninety Six: Hold On!

NO HOLD ON! D: Yeah, if anyone was wondering how he’s still hanging on, well… he’s not.

URGH. Way later than usual, sorry about that… This WAS supposed to be Monday’s page, but combined deadlines and migraines threw me for a loop. Uh. I guess there will be two pages today, then, one in the morning and one in the evening? (Ugh, I’ll get back on track again I swear, but I make no promises until the current job is over. There’s ALWAYS some crazy job with crazy deadlines around this time every year .)