Evasive Action

Co-pilot Abuse

Page Ninety Five: Evasive Action!

Um… Just hang in there, Mez… For dear life… ^^;

DERP. I… totally forgot about Thursday. Sorry!! Got distracted by too many other projects, and then got further distracted by going to a talk by Greg Manchess at the Society of Illustrators. (Which was admittedly loads of fun.) By the way, if you’re anywhere near New York, totally check out the Greg Manchess exhibit at the Society of Illustrators, God DAMN can that guy paint. Makes me wanna go paint my little socks off. (Why oh why do I have so many other non-painting projects I need to finish right now, grrrrrrrr…)

A Small Oversight


Page Ninety Four: A Small Oversight

Whoops, time for Plan B? You could throw food at it, that would be a sufficient distraction…

The Getaway


Page Ninety Three: The Getaway

Well, this mission could be going better…

To the Batborg!

To the batmobile!

Page Ninety Two: To the Batborg!

A slight hitch in the plans… I think Peziza’s official slogan may become “Run now! Think later!”

Yeah, sorta delayed… I’m still recovering from IlluXCon. I totally failed to plan for this year, but I made it there on the very last day and ran around in a mad dash trying to see everything. I bought way too many books and prints and chatted with a bunch of Really Cool Artists, including Donato Giancola, Michael Whelan, Julie Bell, Roger Dean, Mark Zug – who needs to make an art book dammit, Tom Kidd, Kinuko Craft, lots of other amazing people too numerous to mention, including some ConceptArt.org homies who I’d never met in person, so that was fun… I was running around on no food and an incipient migraine, though, so I was probably pretty dazed and incoherent. I’m not even sure what I said to Roger Dean, I was fangirl-spazzing and talking too quietly as usual and he was hard-of-hearing, so it was a strange conversation. But still, OMG Roger Dean!

Awesome show overall. I wish I’d had a chance to catch some of the talks and demos and other events, though. I really want to try for the full five days next year. (I also wish I’d brought a portfolio along – some people asked what I do, and it’s easier to show something than describe it, if you know what I mean.)

The bus ride back was grisly and left me with a full-blown migraine that lingered on through Monday… But it was all worth it! (Note to self: eat before the show. Or pack a lunch.)

A False Step

Can't a beestie sulk in peace...

Page Ninety One: A False Step

In which it pays to look where you’re going. Yes, that’s the same Singlebeeste that devoured her Majesty’s lunch (it has to be, there’s only one.) It has returned! Or rather, it never left. It’s likely been lurking in the undergrowth nursing a burnt tail all this time. (Poor abused tail. First fire, and now clumsy booted intruders.)

Sneaky Business

Sure, these guys are professionals...

Page Ninety: Sneaky Business

In which our antagonists demonstrate elite ninja skills! (Hey, these guys are occult engineers, not assassins, what do you expect.)

(Page ninety already? Uh, I better go draw more pages…)


Guys... Hey, guys... Might want to get a move on...

Page Eighty Nine: Regrouping…

Hey guys, now would be a great time to take another trip…

Oh, and I think this is the end of the really awkward older pages. From page 90 on we’re finally into the pages drawn in 2011 and later. So I can stop cringing quite so much when I look at them, heh. (Not that I don’t see dozens of little nitpicky things I want to change in newer pages, of course I do. But on the older ones I look at them and have to fight the urge to redo the whole thing.) (Typical comic artist woes, I know.)

Change of Plan


Page Eighty Eight: Change of Plan

Special delivery, right on time! Will our antagonists finally get a break? Will anyone in this comic ever get a break? We shall see!

Okay, I have no excuse for being late this time. Except Labor Day weekend, I guess. I’m afraid I spent it painting and slacking and watching people cavort in feathers and sequins (Labor Day is basically time-shifted Caribbean Mardi Gras in my neighborhood. March is too cold for prancing around nearly naked, so they have it in Summer instead.)