Down and Out

How about sideways?

Page Seventy Eight: Down and Out

URF. Delivered beta versions of a batch of games yesterday, now I’m slowly emerging from the deadline haze of the past month… So have a badly delayed page! In which we see what happens when you develop an experimental flying vehicle with inadequate beta testing.

Hey, maybe we can get back on the Monday and Thursday schedule again! I’ll try for it, anyway. As of tomorrow.

Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Team of Doom!

Page Seventy Seven: Rock ‘n’ Roll!

Forth, minions, and fetch her! Surely nothing can stop this formidable (?) force! Not when the promise of triple pay is offered! Nothing but, you know, minor accidents, absent-mindedness, petty distractions, that sort of thing… And a perpetually moving target.

Calling All Agents!

Could we have any more magic mirrors...

Page Seventy Six: Calling All Agents!

The wild goose chase is guaranteed to get wilder, now that kidnapping is on the agenda! And the Red Witches get a shiny new target to chase after, they’ll like that.

(Wargh, I would have had this up in the wee hours of the morning but then a major client crisis struck.) (And now I have more deadlines as a result… AGH. IT NEVER ENDS.)

A Device

Boss Lady is Happy

Page Seventy Five: A Device

Okay. NOW things are going to get messy. (Side note, I think this is one of my favorite bits of dialogue so far.)

(Okay, probably could have gotten this page up last night, but the Tiger Lillies were doing their Ancient Mariner extravaganza in my park, which I had to see, because, come on: dark and kinda psychedelic and has giant smoke-breathing sea monsters…? Yep, right up my alley! So that pretty much blew my evening…)

Real News


Page Seventy Four: Real News

Featuring Mezereon’s hair. Behold! The plot thickens! Into what, we’re not sure, but hopefully something tasty and complicated, with a side of cheese… And a lot of hair. Augh. THAT HAIR. Inking Hell, I swear. And it’s only gonna get worse from here.

(And yes I know the schedule for this week is all bolloxed up. Have patience, the end of crazy deadline mode is almost in sight…)

I’ll Be Damned


Page Seventy Three: I’ll Be Damned

Off again! And this time, there are unreliable witnesses…… This can’t be good.

(And yeah, sorry for the extra super late update, I’ve had frantic deadlines all week. But I’m almost done with this job that’s been eating up all my time, so hopefully we’ll get this comic back on a more reliable schedule soon…)

It Works!

Try it, you'll like it...

Page Seventy Two: It Works!

Meddling with things best left alone! Because we can! Vit, stop being such a paranoid little cuss…

Okay, back to work! So much stuff due this week I think I’m just gonna implode AUGH….

(Baaahahaha, got interrupted by a panicked client call in the middle of making this post, speak of the devil… Yep. This is my life lately. Non-stop panic.)


Good lord, girl, chill already...

Page Seventy One: Overreacting

Is Frank getting just a tad fed up with Vit yet? Maybe, yeah. (You can assume that a certain amount of explanation and exposition has been going on since we last saw these guys. Which I’ll spare you having to read, since we’ve already seen the Queen in action and explaining things to Vitalia is a slow and confused process.)

(And I actually completely forgot yesterday was Thursday. Whoops. It was the Fourth of July, so it felt like Saturday… I’m still having trouble reminding myself that today isn’t Sunday. Holidays will do that.) (The ongoing heat wave doesn’t help either.)


Look out below!

Page Seventy: Found!

Uh oh… Things are about to get COMPLICATED.

(Meanwhile I think Vitalia and Frank are indulging in a square dance or something…)