One More Try

What could possibly be lurking in that forest...?

One More Try

Now checking in with Mezereon and his intern, Peziza… Mezereon is the oldest of the seven Khrome brothers, and more or less in charge, being the most competent and responsible of the lot. (I can’t vouch for the competence of his current pilot, however.) Cyril and Zinnober are his younger siblings. The bat flyer is Peziza’s contraption, built from a heavily modified bat via technoccult arts. It has not yet been fully tested.

And what IS that below…? Stay tuned to find out!

(And yes, I am going to eternally regret Mezereon’s complicated hair. Why does it take so…. long… to… ink…. *sobs*)

Communication Failure

It's a wonder that thing doesn't blow up, really...

Page Sixty Eight: Communication Failure

I wonder if we should just accept Tuesdays and Fridays as the semi-official Summer update schedule… (sigh.) (Sorry, Mondays have been turning into a huge quagmire of client demands lately.)

And another view of Zinnober’s incredibly inefficient flyer with way too many rockets. Zinnober really really really REALLY likes rockets. Can you tell? If it were possible to strap any more onto that ride, he would.


Nothing fazes ostriches, not even rockets

Page Sixty Seven: WHROOM

WHROOOOOOOM!! Page late on account of sound effects. (As in, I forgot to draw them and had to scramble around drawing some at the last minute… And then scanning them… And then scanning them two more times because I screwed up… Yeah, guess I’m still pretty discombobulated.) (Sound effects are obviously crucial to this page.)

Meet Zinnober, brother of Cyril, son of Schwartz (and two more of his unfortunate brothers are riding in the sidecars here, not that you can see much of them.) Zinnober specializes in pyrotechnics. He really really REALLY likes rockets, and things that go “WHROOOOOM!!!” This extremely energy-inefficient rocket-powered flyer is his own design, of course.

The ostrich riders are random ostrich riders. Because, ostriches.

Sozzled Pilot

Highly Competent Minions...

Page Sixty Six: Sozzled Pilot

Did I totally forget Monday…? I TOTALLY FORGOT MONDAY. Whoops. Hey, I have a valid excuse, though! I spent the entire weekend at the Pixar Master Class! And yes, it was as awesome as it sounds. Three days of massive info-dump from the lead animators, story people and art people at Pixar, with tons of behind-the-scenes examples on a big screen… My brain is still in Pixar-land right now, so I’m kind of disoriented, probably won’t be fully back on Planet Earth until next week…

Flying in Style

Flying First Class

Page Sixty Five: Flying in Style

Meet Cerulean Khrome, AKA Cyril (and one of his brothers poking his nose into the third panel…) He really digs flying. Especially flying with style. And a fully stocked bar. This wind-powered flyer is his own design, of course. (And behold, yet another dashboard design that I will seriously regret later on… What was I thinking with all those art-nouveau swirly bits…)

Promising Terrain

Schwartz, I think you've made a detour to Thoth, check your map...

Page Sixty Four: Promising Terrain

We never said Schwartz was the most competent operative… But hey, he sounds official and that’s what counts. And no, I don’t know what that creature is. Or who it’s munching on. But I’m sure it’s perfectly friendly! Er… Right? No?

Status Report

The boss is not a patient boss...

Page Sixty Three: Status Report

Schwartz! Whom we have all probably nearly forgotten, but yeah, he’s still flying around the place… As a bonus, a close-up of the dashboard of his home-made flyer. The vials contain moonbeams and mud – moonbeams for lift and mud for gravity. Altitude and speed are more-or-less controlled by varying the proportion of mud-to-moonbeams. (And yes, I’m going to seriously regret the totally ad-hoc design of that dashboard one of these days…)


No news is not good news...

Page Sixty Two: Irksome…

Gleep! So late! Sorry, I’ve been in crazy deadline mode all day… But here’s a page finally! In which there is no news and Saralactra is irked. (No I have no idea what she’s building, or why it needs fish…) (And no, she’s not combing her hair with a wrench.) (Although, you know, I suppose she might do that, in a moment of abstraction…) (So maybe she is.)