My Sainted Aunts!

Golf, I have no clue...

Page Fifty-Seven: My Sainted Aunts!

And now back to our irregularly scheduled program after our colorful pin-up break… WHAT can possibly be interrupting the sanctity of our golf game!? WHAT!? Stay tuned to find out! And yes, I know this is a very odd game of golf we have going on here… Suffice to say golf and golfing-babble is all Greek to me, so this is my general impression of the Mysteries of Golf.

Golden Queen

Because you can never have too much gold filigree

Special: Golden Queen

In Honor of Passing the Fifty Page Mark

BEHOLD. Her Majesty in Solid Gold! WHY, you may ask? Because I wanted to do a special splash page to mark the fifty page point… And what better way to do so than with a solid gold statue of the Queen! Complete with tourists. And Seagulls. (All right, this is a trifle past the actual fifty page mark, there were delays. But it’s all for the best, because now I can post this at a convenient break point between scenes.)

And yes, there will be a regular page too, fear not! Er, but on Friday instead of Thursday (obviously…) So, a little later today. After my nap.