Sky Spies

Snooping in Style

Page Sixty One: Sky Spies

Looks like her Majesty has an aerial audience. They are not impressed.

Queen-Sighting Confirmed!

I Spy a Sky Spy

Page Sixty: Queen-Sighting Confirmed!

People these days, they just don’t appreciate impromptu landscaping… (There are many, many people in the Queen’s domain who would really rather she stay at home, believe me…) Aaaand, guess who else is back! Yep, the Three Red B- er, Witches! 😀

And yeah, this page is later than usual, sorry about that… I kinda totally forgot it was Monday. Whoops. (Holiday Mondays always mess me up. Now I’m going to spend all of today thinking it’s Monday instead of Tuesday…)

Reckless Tourism

Now, that's what we call a challenging golf course...

Page Fifty Nine: Reckless Tourism

In which the Queen indulges in a spot of sightseeing, to the considerable confusion and dismay of her subjects… With Slope and Megra in tow. Her majesty does tend to drag people along when she drifts. Much to the annoyance of many an accidental tourist…

(Oh geez, almost up to page sixty? I really need to stop spending my lunch breaks sketching dogs and work on the buffer for this comic instead, I’m falling rapidly behind where I should be…) (There’s just way too many cute doggies in the park, though.)

A Slight Change of Scene

Confused yet?

Page Fifty Eight: A Slight Change of Scene

She’s baaaaaack! And she’s brought mountains! Now, isn’t that nice of her.

Yes. She does this. Yes. It’s a problem.

My Sainted Aunts!

Golf, I have no clue...

Page Fifty-Seven: My Sainted Aunts!

And now back to our irregularly scheduled program after our colorful pin-up break… WHAT can possibly be interrupting the sanctity of our golf game!? WHAT!? Stay tuned to find out! And yes, I know this is a very odd game of golf we have going on here… Suffice to say golf and golfing-babble is all Greek to me, so this is my general impression of the Mysteries of Golf.

Golden Queen

Because you can never have too much gold filigree

Special: Golden Queen

In Honor of Passing the Fifty Page Mark

BEHOLD. Her Majesty in Solid Gold! WHY, you may ask? Because I wanted to do a special splash page to mark the fifty page point… And what better way to do so than with a solid gold statue of the Queen! Complete with tourists. And Seagulls. (All right, this is a trifle past the actual fifty page mark, there were delays. But it’s all for the best, because now I can post this at a convenient break point between scenes.)

And yes, there will be a regular page too, fear not! Er, but on Friday instead of Thursday (obviously…) So, a little later today. After my nap.

Mystery Queen

Her Majesty invades the page...

Page Fifty-Six: Mystery Queen

THE QUEEN LOOMS. How portentous of her… Yes, she’ll wander back on the scene soon! And she really is the greatest nuisance of the realm. We shall soon see why. (Well, one reason why. There’s a lot of reasons.) Stay tuned!

And the art should start getting increasingly up-to-date from here on… Dates are fuzzy, but I think we’re nearing the end of the 2006-2007 pages. After that is a bunch of 2009-2010 pages, and then it’s all recent stuff from there! (Nothing got done in 2008. That was a crazy year for a number of reasons.)

This Old Lady…

Vitalia does go on, doesn't she...

Page Fifty Five: This Old Lady…

Lightning sketches! Is any of this significant? Could be! And yes, I totally want a bandolier of pencils like that…

Also, there’s another mouse running around on this page, see if you can spot it… (Mice, they’re everywhere.)


May the Furze be with you!

Page Fifty Four: Introductions

(Really have got to get better at timely updates, aarrggh..) Oh look, actual introductions! Sort of… I tend to neglect those. I can easily go 100 pages or more without any of the characters learning each others’ names. They’re always too busy running around in a vortex of distracting incidents. Nicknames abound in my worlds.

(Please excuse any awkward layout issues… This is one of the pages where I’ve had to retrofit new script changes into old word balloons, never an easy task. I’ll be SO glad when we get to the later pages where the balloons are separate from the art…)

the Russian word is supposed to mean “fool/idiot” or something like that… Got it via an online dictionary, feel free to correct me if it’s dead wrong!

Secret Exit Theory

Gotta be a rabbit hole somewhere, look at all those rabbits...

Page Fifty Three: Secret Exit Theory

Gyaah, late again, sorry! Migraines struck again… But yes. We have here Vitalia’s Secret Exit Alternate World Theory, based on every fantasy classic ever… Because, there’s always a way back, amirite?? No…? Guess she’ll just have to get used to this place, then.

And yeah, Fursovich hasn’t heard of Alice in Wonderland. (Actually, there’s a lot he hasn’t heard of…)

Also, bunnies! :3