Don’t Touch That!

I don't think that's Google Maps...

Page Forty Three: Don’t Touch That!

Wait no don’t touch the mysterious gizmo, you don’t know where it’s been… whoops. This is called learning by doing. What doesn’t kill you makes you smarter! (Maybe.)

Fursovich is saying “what” in Russian. At least I think he is, according to the Russian phrase guide I scrounged up on the web, haha. (Someone tell me if that’s not what he’s actually saying…)


Sheesh, girl, take a breath before you pass out...

Page Forty Two: Meltdown

Vitalia sums up the first forty-two pages in one run-on sentence! With no benefit from punctuation! I’d say it’s a pretty accurate summary. From her point of view. And now… about that thing…..

The Welcoming Committee

What we have here is a failure to communicate...

Page Forty One: The Welcoming Committee

It’s the champion miscommunication tag team! Critical information might filter through eventually… (I never said Vitalia was terribly swift on the uptake.) And yeah, there’s a reason why one of those dudes knows about America and gets the “not-in-Kansas” reference while the other obviously has no clue.

Freak Out

Do Not Feed the Tentacle Monsters

Page Forty: Freak Out

In which Vitalia freaks out! And asks questions! And narrowly avoids becoming the appetizer of tentacular pond things! I’d say those are all pretty valid questions… Does the perv in the trenchcoat have any answers? Or more questions? Stay tuned!

(And dang, page forty already? I seriously need to catch up on my buffer before I run out of pages…)

Hold It, Kid…

Oh no, not the Arm Grab!

Page Thirty Nine: Hold It, Kid…

They are in fact floaty, wobbly rocks, it’s not just Vitalia… (Although she is also rather floaty and wobbly at the moment.) Who are these guys? What’s going on? Will anything be explained ever? Will Vitalia overcome the dreaded Arm Grab? Stay tuned for the next almost-but-not-quite-timely update!

(Also, this is another rare case of going back and editing pages… The last two panels were in fact drawn a few years after the first two. Hence the style shift.)

Crash Landing

Twister malfunction...

Page Thirty Eight: Crash Landing

Some people are going to need a few bandaids and ice packs before this is all over… Could have gone worse, though. At least they landed on something solid. (Had about two hours of sleep yesterday, so yeah… kinda fell asleep before I could post an update. Whoops.)

Inadvertent Hitchhikers

Twister! Whose leg is whose?

Page Thirty Seven: Inadvertent Hitchhikers

Okay, I’m sure we all saw that coming… Vitalia’s picking up hithhikers left and right! This time, she’s found partners for a giant game of inter-dimensional twister! Will she ever get a chance at a real conversation with any of these people? Stay tuned! (Okay, so today’s page isn’t up early, but it IS up on the correct day… So, yay?)


Fun with sound effects...

Page Thirty Six: Chaos!

AUGH. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT MONDAY. HOW DID THAT HAPPEN. Whoops. I got so distracted by work-related crises I didn’t realize it was time to post a new page until sometime Tuesday evening… WHOOPS. (And I’d even spent time this weekend making sure I had all the custom lettering ready for this page, ahaha, so much for being prepared…) Um, maybe I can make up for it by posting early on Thursday? Anyway, yes, have some deluxe, grade-A chaos! (This is what Monday felt like, actually…)