Unexpected Company

Guess who's coming to dinner!

Page Thirty Five: Unexpected Company

Just dropping in! Don’t mind that enormous animal in your campfire! Yes, Vitalia is becoming a master of the Dramatic Entrance… How long will her visit last this time? Will she ever stay still long enough to say hi? Will she ever stop screaming long enough to breathe? Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, Anywhere…

Someone's dealing off the bottom of the deck...

Page Thirty Four: Meanwhile, Anywhere…

Somewhere else yet again, a friendly game takes place with a full deck and then some. And we finally meet Frank and Fursovich! (Also known in my deranged mind as “Frank-n-Furter”…) These are the guys running around on the cover of this chapter (about time they showed up in the comic…) They’re a couple of bums but I like ’em. This is gonna be fun. Oh, what, the screaming in the background…? We’ll see what that’s all about on the next page! Stay tuned!

FUN FACT: This page is my little homage to the bats in Pogo and their eternal impossible card games… Which probably only a few other people reading this will get, but who cares. Walt Kelly rules! Everything I know about inking I learned from Walt Kelly.

Up, Up and Away!

Quick! To the Batmobile!

Page Thirty Three: Up, Up and Away!

And we’re off on a Wild Goose Chase! With a variety of flyers… (Flyers are by far the best way to get around the Queen’s realm, due to a general lack of infrastructure.) Most notably the, uh, untested batmobile built and driven by Peziza, with Mezereon in tow. (Peziza is more or less a student/intern of Mez, who probably regrets taking her on.) In the background, a couple of contraptions built by Mezereon’s younger brothers, one sustainably wind-powered, and the other very unsustainably powered by way more rockets than necessary. We’ll see more of Mez and Pez later… Meanwhile, Stay tuned to find out what the heck happened to Vitalia!

True confession, that whole bottom panel was drawn several years later than the top two panels… So if you see any discrepancies, that’s why. (I’m trying to prevent myself from redrawing old pages, because if I start redrawing everything this comic will grind to a screeching halt… But every now and then there’s a panel that just bugs me so much I have to do something about it. This was one of ’em.)

Commence Project Wildgoose!

A bit breezy up there, Schwartz?

Page Thirty Two: Commence Project Wildgoose!

And we’re off on the Great Wild Goose Chase! In Schwartz’ uniquely convoluted flyer… (His own design. Obviously comfort is not his first priority.) (There’s a reason he wears all those layers…) A fine(?) example of occult engineering, this flyer is steered by strings, and runs on moonbeams and mud – vials of moonbeams provide lift, vials of mud are used to counter lift and control altitude.

Also! Check out the character development process for Schwartz in this Character Development Special on Schwartz over on Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings!

Man Your Machines!

Magical Mystery Machines...

Page Thirty One: Man Your Machines!

OKAY, here’s page thirty-one finally, argh, I need sleep now… Anyway. This is Schwartz. You met him a few pages ago receiving orders. When he’s not receiving orders, he likes to give orders. The more official-sounding, the better. And he takes himself and his commands SERIOUSLY. Unfortunately the crowd he’s ordering around here consists primarily of his seven sons, and they don’t take him seriously at all.

(Psst, and while we’re at it, Happy Valentine’s Day? Bah, I wanted to do a Valentine’s Day splash page, but deadlines and migraines left me noooo time… Maybe if I get a chance I’ll do a late one over the weekend.) (Maybe.)

Witches Aloft!

Bickering Aloft

Page Thirty: Witches Aloft!

And that’s what the feathers are for – combination stylish hair ornaments and flying surfboard-things! (That’s two of their uses, anyway…) And just for the record, that background was drawn and inked twice. (I wasn’t satisfied with the first take, so I was crazy enough to do it all over again.) The things I do for this comic…

(Sorry about the extremely late update – been wrestling with migraines for the past four days. UGH. Just when everything was getting back on track, too…)

Activate Feathers!

Behold the Brat Pack

Page Twenty Nine: Activate Feathers!

And now the feathers come into play! Told you they weren’t mere hair ornaments. Plus, hints! And kvetching! Bellona is clearly the brat of this bunch… (Excuse the lack of backgrounds… The next page will more than compensate for this, believe me.)

Okay, I couldn’t resist making alternate dialogue for that last panel

Disgruntled Freelancers

Bitching and Moaning

Page Twenty Eight: Disgruntled Freelancers

Yes, Bellona is the whiny one. She does have a point, though, they’ve been chasing after the Queen for ages with no clue and no results… (And the update schedule continues to be rather wobbly and probably will be all month… Deadlines are eating me alive.)