Fun With Mirrors

Something is wrong with your reflections, ladies...

Page Twenty Four: Fun With Mirrors

No, that is not Erroneous, though I admit there’s some similarity from the back… That’s Saralactra, occult engineer extraordinaire, designer of all that gadgetry in the background and probably of the “evil chair” she’s sitting in as well. When in doubt, remember both Sara and her hair are shorter than Erro and his hair. (And this is one page where I really find myself wishing I was up to page eighty… That’s the point where I stopped drawing the word balloons as part of the artwork. Retrofitting necessary dialogue edits into un-editable balloons is awkward as heck.)

Those are two-way magic mirrors the girls are using, by the way. A specialty of Saralactra’s. We’ll be seeing a lot of those.

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