Page Twenty One: FORTH!

The Queen and Slope: TEAM OF DOOM. Nothing like cheesy fonts and an impromptu quest to liven up a dull afternoon! Megra is unofficially in charge of persuading the Queen to stay home and keeping her out of trouble. It obviously does not work.

And as promised, I’ve posted a little promo comic to mark the passing of page twenty and the beginning of the real action… You can see it on my Tumblr, or on my DeviantArt, or on my Sketch Blog – pick your poison! (If nothing else, you can get a sneak peak at what the artwork in this comic eventually develops into… The promo was drawn waaaay later than the current batch of pages!) Or of course you can go to the link on the Miscellany Page above, which is where I link all such miscellaneous extra comics and silliness…

4 replies on “FORTH!”

I’m curious to know if Slope actually cares about the Queen wandering away, considering how he blurted out The Quest a.k.a. Golden Excuse for Her Majesty to Get Outta the Castle. XD

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