A Minor Setback

Into the void with a fuzzy friend!

Page Twenty: A Minor Setback

It seems the Queen’s plans shan’t go according to plan… Well, back to the old drawing board! At least Vitalia has a friendly(?) travelling companion for her journey down the rabbit hole. Also yay, page twenty! This is where the adventures really begin!

Okay, so updates are a leeeetle bit tardy and not always exactly on Monday or Thursday, but I’ve kept to two pages a week this far, not bad! To celebrate getting to page twenty, I’ll be posting a special short promo comic on my Tumblr and DA. Probably tomorrow, if all goes well.

And yes, I am tinkering with the archives, so if they sometimes go into conniptions, that’s why. (I’m trying to get the archives to show a thumbnail grid, if possible. Or at least a more condensed page of thumbnails than what I have now. Whatever works.)

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