That's one frazzled-looking heir...

Page Eighteen: Behold!

Congratulations, you’ve crash landed in an alternate world and won the lottery! It’s your lucky day! Maybe. Hey, at least it was a soft and fuzzy landing…

Happy New Year! (Or almost new year, depending on your time zone…) May it be adventurous and entertaining, and may all your crash landings be on something soft!



Page Seventeen: Touchdown!

I think we all saw that coming…

(Okay, true confession, this page is up late because I got sucked into a Doctor Who marathon with my parents… WHAT WHAT I’ve never watched it before, I had to make up for lost time, totally valid excuse!)

An Ornamental Adventure

Hang in There!

Merry Christmas!

Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the realm,
Not a creature was stirring, except for the Queen,
And an intruder, as yet unseen,
Holding on for dear life and holding on tight,
While a voice from above, chipper and bright,
Cried “Merry Christmas to All, and to All a Good Night!
By order of Her Majesty. Have we got any more of that splendid pie?”

All right, ’tis actually the night after Christmas… Close enough! Many cookies were being consumed, hence the delay… (I may also post a few more festive doodles on my Tumblr, in between cookies.)


Gratuitous Up-Skirt Shot

Page Sixteen: Incoming!

In case you were wondering what happened to Vitalia… This is where things start to come together, literally!

And yeah, Happy Holidays! Whoo, I actually have a page up, despite all the family running around and the usual holiday hullabaloo (wasn’t too sure I’d get a chance to post it…) If I can finish in time, there should also be a Christmas special splash page later sometime Christmas night! If not, I guess it’ll be a port-Christmas special…

Food Fight!

Heads Up!

Page Fifteen: Food Fight!

Or food flight… Taking food fights to new levels! Singlebeeste 1, Guards 0. Forget about vanquishing the singlebeeste, cleaning the kitchen is a far more daunting task…

(And we reach new levels of lateness, I think… Sorry about that, it’s the whole crazy pre-Christmas runaround. Things should settle down a bit after next week.) (Still hoping to get a special Christmas splash screen done in spite of all the craziness!)

The Queen Proclaims

Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

Page Fourteen: The Queen Proclaims

In which the Queen has a Brilliant Idea! The conquest of kitchen pests is surely the finest qualification for an heir, no? Or if the heir thing doesn’t work out, well, they’ll have a whacking good Kitchen Defender.

(And yeah, still on a late streak here, I’ve been in deadline mode… Now with migraines on top. Yargh. But hey, PAGE IS UP. Yay.)

A Stubborn Beastie

Yum! Tasty halberds for lunch!

Page Thirteen: A Stubborn Beastie

It is not a cooperative beastie. Yes, the Royal Guard is a tad ineffective in a crisis situation… Frankly, the palace is so huge it’s never needed any defense beyond its sheer incomprehensible size. Invaders would merely get hopelessly lost in there. (So do quite a few guards, I’m sure…)

Check out character development sketches and background on the Singlebeeste over on my sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings! The creature goes back quite a ways and went through some rather goofy phases…

Lunch is Now!

A fine example of Sweeping Out of the Room...

Page Twelve: Lunch is Now!

In which the Queen takes charge… In spite of objections from the peanut gallery. Will the Queen be the slightest bit effective in quelling the Kitchen Crisis? We shall see!

By the way, if anyone is curious, character sheets and development sketches for Slope and Mrs. Cornelia Bailiwick-Stout are now posted on my sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings. You can check out the Character Development Special on Slope and Mrs. Bailiwick-Stout here!


What? No LUNCH? Off with his head!

Page 11: Horrors!

WAGH Yes I’m late! Kinda fell asleep after doing my regular paying work, whoops… But here’s page 11! (Okay, I’ll try to be more timely next time, but you can expect updates to be a little discombobulated until Christmas, this is always THE most crazy time of the year.)

It should be evident that the Queen takes lunch seriously. A day without lunch is a national catastrophe. And yes, her pet name for Sir Lancaster Ragout is “Lunkus”, lord knows why…

Also, not sayin’ anything, but some of those characters lurking in the background may be worth keeping an eye on…

The Queen Quibbles

Man, that's a lot of blather...

Page Ten: The Queen Quibbles

It’s the Queen versus her Cabinet! A not infrequent occurrence at the Palace…

The officious lady with the clipboard is Mrs. Cornelia Bailiwick-Stout, head of the QPC (Queen Preservation Committee.) (AKA the Queen’s Protection Committee.) The QPC is ostensibly dedicated to preserving the Queen’s safety, but their real agenda is to prevent the Queen from wandering, concerned that she endangers herself and the stability of the realm by continually straying from the palace. Their efforts are invariably futile. NOBODY can keep the Queen at home!

The dude in the weird hat is Slope, who we met on the previous page. He’s the Royal Publicity Manager, a highly important cabinet position. Slope and the Queen are both of the opinion that government ought to be entertaining, so they get along swell. Character development for Slope and Mrs. Bailiwick-Stout can be seen on here on my sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings.

And no, this isn’t about to turn into a giant Original Character Tournament… Although that would totally work, now I think of it…