The Queen’s Council

The council chamber is mighty fancy...

Page Nine: The Queen’s Council

In which the Queen makes her grand entrance… Along with part of her sprawling and not-very-organized court. The Queen is the one in the Big Hat, of course. The lady standing behind the Queen is Megra, her chief lady-in-waiting and general minder (not an easy job.) Slope is the Royal Publicity Manager. (Character pages on all these guys will be up soon, promise!)

I dunno who the two dudes in the foreground are. There’s a lot of random courtiers and hangers-on and squatters around the Palace. The Queen doesn’t even know who they all are.

Grave Affairs of State

Walkin' and talkin'...

Page Eight: Grave Affairs of State

Because Lunch is Important! Not much to say about today’s update besides that. But in the next update, we go to meet the Queen!

(The worried balding dude is still just a random member of the palace staff and will likely neve be seen again… Poor guy doesn’t even get an official name…)

Holiday Special: Thanksgiving Bandit

Runaway Thanksgiving Dinner

Thanksgiving Bandit!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Special splash page for Thanksgiving, because I can! Featuring the Singlebeeste, who appears in the latest comic page… And a purloined Thanksgiving dinner: turkey, sausages, cornbread, pumpkin pie, apple pie, sweet potatoes, apples, carrots, and muffins. The Queen is Not Amused.

(Okay, so it’s technically the day after Thanksgiving now, but there’s probably still some turkey and stuffing left, right?)

Kitchen Raid!

Worse than mice...

Page Seven: Kitchen Raid!

In which the Queen’s Kitchen is under dire attack! Alas, the hams! Woe, the potatoes! Can dessert be saved? Will the Queen go hungry? We shall see! (Page is up a bit late owing to Thanksgiving, but what do you expect from a holiday post?)

The dude in the chef hat is Sir Lancaster Ragout, Chief of Cuisine – a highly important position in the Royal Cabinet. The others are random staff. Sir Lancaster will get a character page soon – er, as soon as we have a character section – which will be soon…

Also, there will be a special Thanksgiving splash page up later tonight! (Or in the wee hours of tomorrow morning, depending on your time zone…) I just gotta finish coloring it… It will have pie.

Entirely Elsewhere

About as Elsewhere as you can get...

Page Six: Entirely Elsewhere

And here’s where things start to get fancy. We got yer crazy baroque architecture right here! And there’s more where that came from! I swear this page took as long to draw as all previous five pages combined…

But all is not well in the Palace… Flying potatoes hint at foul deeds within!

Down the Rabbit Hole

Down the rabbit hole...

Page Five: Down the Rabbit Hole

And we’re off! Down the rabbit hole or wormhole or interdimensional rift, or whatever it is… What horrifying prospects await beyond the void? Tune in Monday to find out! (Increasingly elaborate artwork is one thing you can count on… Haha… The things I get myself into…)

(Meanwhile there’s this client who insists on mega-stressful Thursday meetings practically every week, this is seriously messing with my update schedule. Argh.)

Reality Warp!

Don't touch that button... Oops

Page Four: Reality Warp!

Never meddle with mystery devices, kids… They can warp your radiators! And the rest of the world as well… (I will get better at timely updates, really…)

It Came from Behind the Radiator

You never know what's lurking behind the radiator...

Page 3: It Came from Behind the Radiator

Vleep! It’s my Birthday, I can be late if I want to. (Also it’s been a hella messed-up kind of day, but never mind that…) But lo, page three is up!

I swear, any space I’ve inhabited in this city, I always find some weird debris left behind a radiator or under the stove or something. It comes with the territory. With Vitalia’s luck, she finds weird things that go “Vleep!” And this is where Things Start Happening. Stay tuned, folks!

The Elbow Incident

Vitalia is not very organized...

Page Two: The Elbow Incident

In which Vitalia demonstrates her lack of organization and yaps on the phone… Don’t be deceived by the apparent lull, here, the elbow incident is a definite plot point. (When nothing much is going on, it’s a sure bet all Hell will break loose in a page or two…)

You can see the background of Vitalia’s character development in the Vitalia Character Development Special on my Rambling Sketch Blog. Also, a character section will be added here very soon – so check back!

Moving Day

Pull that windowshade down, girl

Page One: Moving Day

We have a page! Hooray! (I didn’t exactly say these updates would be bright and early in the morning…) Introducing Vitalia, and her rather sparse apartment! Someone tell that girl to pull the shade down when she’s dressing, yo…

And yes, the art suddenly makes a major time slip, haha! This page was probably drawn in 2006, 2007 at the latest. It’s almost historic. I think it was my very first attempt at inking a full comic page since I graduated art school – and man, was I rusty! But I soon learned What Not to Do. This page is so old I had to retouch the phone because it was wildly out-of-date. (It’s still not very cutting edge. But Vit is too broke to own a fancy smartphone.)