Chapter One: Moving Target

Moving Target Cover

Chapter One: Moving Target

Peril, Panic and Pandemonium!

Or, Business as Usual

POSTING IN A HURRICANE, hahaha! If there are no updates for the next week or so, it’s either because we lost power or the Frankenstorm swept New York into the sea. Otherwise, stay tuned Thursday for actual pages… This is when stuff starts happening! (This is also when we switch to black and white.) (Brace yourselves, the art is about to jump back a few years…) Featured in this cover: Vitalia, Frank Brandywine, Fyodor Fursovich, and a menacing modified pterodactyl (who some of you have met before.) You will meet them all shortly!

Close-ups and progress shots for this cover can be seen here on my sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings.

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