The Wayward Queen: It Begins!

Wayward Queen Cover

Welcome to The Wayward Queen!

A Comic Extravaganza by Gwenevere J. Singley

IT BEGINS! With a psychedelic cover and way too many tiny columns! WHAT’S GOING ON, you ask? Stay tuned to find out! updates from here on out will be every Monday and Thursday.

Fun Fact: because I wanted to drive myself crazy, I painted this cover in oil on canvas at the not-nearly-big-enough size of 14 x 17 inches, which was possibly not the best choice due to the amount of tiny, fiddly detail… Details and WIPs for the cover can be seen on my official sketch blog, Queen Gwenevere’s Ramblings! (And no, the entire comic is not going to be done as full-color paintings, I’d never have time. Just the covers, guys, just the covers! And maybe occasional specials. We shall see.)

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