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Page 186: Still on the Run

Yeah, these guys are still alive! For how long is anyone’s guess… (Fursovitch, if you’ll recall, climbed up one of those waterfall turret-things to monkey around with ham radio… That happened back here.)

Next update hopefully next Friday/next weekend, if all goes well.

Still on the Run

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2 Responses to Still on the Run

  1. Diana-HND says:

    The cracks on those ruins look…. ominous. Like it’ll take a little something to make it -all- crack. O_O

    On that note, Imma lovin’ the backgrounds in this page! <3

    • I suspect that people won’t exactly be tip-toeing cautiously around this place, the way things have been going… Significant structural damage is very much a possibility! :P

      (At least these backgrounds don’t have gears! Much faster to draw than some scenes!)

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